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Getting Started

NOTE: These steps only apply to people involved with the Lab. For the first time adding content & getting set-up, it will take longer than usual.

Create a GitHub account

Set up two-factor authentication (2FA)

For a step-to-step guide on how to set-up 2FA

Glossary of GitHub terms used

Adding your picture & profile to the team page

Adding a Photo

Note: Before adding your picture, you’ll need to have it saved locally on your machine as firstname-lastname (please ensure that your picture is in jpg format).

Creating your Team Profile

name: jacob-ong
first_name: Jacob
last_name: Ong
full_name: Jacob Ong
role: Developer
image: "/assets/img/team/jacob-ong.jpg"
active: true

Creating a Pull Request (PR)

You’ve added an image/some content. Now you’ll need to create a PR to let the reviewers know that your image/content is ready for review.

Your Pull Request (PR) should be “sent” to the reviewers that you have chosen to review (once it’s approved you should see your changes on the Live site).

If you navigate away from that page & would later like to track your PR’s status, click on the Pull requests tab & you can find it there.

Note: Before your PR can be merged into the main branch, it will have to pass:

1. The automated checks

Example of an unsuccessful check: Unsuccessful checks

Example of a successful check: Successful checks 2. The reviewers’ approval. Approved PR

When Steps 1 & 2 have passed, you should see something similar to this: Approved PR

Note: The person creating the PR has the responsibility of:

Note: If you have any changes that you need to fix, you’ll need to Re-request a review from the reviewers (by clicking on the icon highlighted in the red square below) after you have made the changes requested.

re-request review

Checking if your changes have been deployed

If something does “break”/error occurs & you’re unsure of how to fix it, contact either Brenda or Jacob & they should be able to help you out.

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