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Exploring the benefits of legislation that is both human and machine readable and what it might take to transition.

Work to date

Our rules can be viewed at

Birth of a Child (or welcoming a child into your whanau)

Encoding entitlements related to the birth of a child (or welcoming a child into your whanau) into re-usable open legislation as code. This component was then used within Smart Start - financial help.

Social Security Act 2018

  • Accommodation Supplement
  • Childcare Subsidy
  • Child Disability Allowance
  • Community Services Card
  • Home Help
  • Job Seeker Support
  • Orphan’s Benefit
  • Sole Parent Support
  • Supported Living Payment
  • Unsupported Child
  • Young Parent Payment

New Zealand Superannuation and Retirement Income Act 2001

  • Superannuation

Income Tax Act 2007

  • Working for Families (various)
  • Best Start

Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987

  • Paid Parental Leave

Citizenship by Grant

A complex formula from within the Citizenship Act, used to calculate if an applicant has been in the country enough days to satisfy a clause. This was encoded into a rules engine called OpenFisca, along with some related sections of Immigration Act.

Accident Compensation

With ACC and MBIE we explored the entitlement clauses in the Accident Compensation Act to see where descretion is applied, then looked to see how these could be encoded. The sections related to Loss of Potential Earnings, and Rehabilitation were encoded into Open Fisca.


Conference talk at Pycon 2019 in Sydney Australia

Brenda Wallace describes Legislation as code.