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About this document

The Service Innovation Lab works in a space with a lot of jargon and abbreviations. In addition, domains such as Digital Identity are complex area with their own set of terms and definitions. This glossary provides definitions of words and abbreviations which will help us to communicate effectively as we collaborate to design and deliver new services.

How to add or update terms

This is intended to be a living document which is updated frequently by everyone in the Lab. If you find yourself in the classic: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means” situation then your next step should be to add that word to this Glossary.

To ensure quality improves via group learning…

  1. when you add a term then your definition should be reviewed by another Lab member (request a review via a comment and mention)
  2. before you edit an existing term, suggest an edit to another Lab member for review (just use comments and mentions)

Ideally a Lab newbie should have a definition reviewed by a Lab veteran. A veteran should have their definition reviewed by a Lab newbie. This can easily be accomplished by adding a comment to the entry and mentioning the person you are requesting review your change.

All changes can be reviewed at any point in version history.”

Change log

Change Date Change made by
Updated with definitions for hypothesis and null hypothesis 23/10/2019 Rob Holmes
Updated with definitions from Emerging Tech Landscape 19/07/2019 Rob Holmes
Updated definitions for protoype and MVP based on comments 24/07/2019 Rob Holmes
Added definition for AISA 14/11/2018 Rob Holmes
Added terms: Data, Information, Insight, Actionable Insight - Review requested from Matt McCallum + Hazel Bradshaw 09/11/2018 Rob Holmes
Added information on agile, scrum as a starting point 05/11/2018 Charlotte Hinton
Added guidance about how to add or update terms 29/10/2018 Rob Holmes
Updates and additions after review by Hazel Bradshaw 26/10/2018 Rob Holmes
Added defnition for MVP (and updated Alpha definition) 25/10/2018 Rob Holmes
Update after review and addition of terms such as Agent, AI, Engine… 24/10/2018 Rob Holmes
Quick review of General section 24/10/2018 Charlotte Hinton
Added General section and sourced existing definitions 23/10/2018 Rob Holmes
Compiled/refined Digital Identity terms from Shane Simpson 19/10/2018 Rob Holmes


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